For many people, the provision of a suitable memorial is a visible link between their departed loved one and themselves.

At Wood for Stone, we offer a varied selection of memorials suitable for cemeteries and churchyards.

We can help you through the difficult process of choosing a memorial by giving you advice and also suggest ideas for your inscription. You are welcome to visit our office or we can arrange a home visit at your convenience.


Everything from a simple vase to an ornate Kerb-set. The memorial you choose can be tailored to your individual requirements in terms of design, size, ornamentation and colour. Personal designs and ornamentation can be included to make your choice truly unique.
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Quality & Craftsmanship

Knowledge and experience can never be underestimated. Special attention to every detail is what sets Wood for Stone apart. All customers are given confidence to pursue their vision through help and advice at every step, from design to installation.

Each project is as unique and precious as the natural stone itself. On completion, Wood for Stone offer advice and guidance on how to get the best out of your stone. 

We are always on call, happy and willing to assist at any time in an advisory capacity.
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