Furniture & Ornamental Pieces

Stone and marble furniture and ornamental pieces grace the rooms of some of our most famous properties in England, why not have some of this luxury in your own home or workplace. From simple stone nameplates to hang outside your door, to full-on stone centrepieces that can command attention in your garden or living areas. 

Furniture & Ornamental Pieces

If you can think of it, Wood For Stone has probably already manufactured something similar: Fountains, sundials, seats, tables, reception desks, bird baths and many more... the list is endless.
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Quality & Craftsmanship

Knowledge and experience can never be underestimated. Special attention to every detail is what sets Wood for Stone apart. All customers are given confidence to pursue their vision through help and advice at every step, from design to installation.

Each project is as unique and precious as the natural stone itself. On completion, Wood for Stone offer advice and guidance on how to get the best out of your stone. 

We are always on call, happy and willing to assist at any time in an advisory capacity.
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