Granite And Marble Answers

We have listed some questions and answers that we hope will help, if you do have any questions we haven't covered please contact us.

What is granite exactly?

Granite is an igneous rock that forms as a result of the slow crystallisation of molten magma. It is generally made up of minerals such as quartz, felspars and other mafic minerals. The size, distribution and varying chemistry of these minerals give the granite its colour.

What is the difference between granite and marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the compression and heating of sediment. Marble is softer than granite and has a more glassy effect. It is more suitable for bathrooms where it is less likely to get damaged.

How is quartz different?

Quartz worktops are made of pieces of natural quartz bonded together with a small amount of adhesive. Quartz is an abundant material and provides a solid surface. The slabs are often made up of 90-99% quartz and are a good choice for kitchen worktops. It is fabricated in the same way as all natural stones.

How should I clean my worktop?

Foodstuffs that have strong colours, such as blackcurrant and beetroot, can stain stone surfaces. Acidic foodstuffs such as citrus juice, vinegar and cola will etch the stone surface. Wipe up any spills immediately, as if left too long, they will stain the surface. For cleaning or sealing tips for any stone or quartz, we recommend Lithofin products. Visit for a range of cleaning and sealing materials and advice. Wood for Stone also sells these products and can advise on any aftercare questions you may have.

How do I prevent damage to my granite or quartz worktop?

  •  Avoid contact with the edges of the worktop to avoid chipping
  •  Do not expose the tops to excessive heat
  •  Do not cut directly on the work surface
  •  Do not move the worktops from their original position

Are granite and quartz hygienic?

Due to the densely packed crystalline structure and low porosity of granite and quartz worktops, there is no place for bacteria to hide.

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