Your local Suffolk supplier of Marble Bathroom Worktops

Marble bathroom Worktops

If you are based in Suffolk, we are your number one choice for your marble worktops and stone flooring for your bathroom. We have designed and fitted hundreds of bathroom worktops, vanity units in Granite or Marble as well as bath panels and surrounds, wall cladding and floors over the last 15 years from our workshops on the Suffolk border.

Our marble worktops are made exactly to fit your bathroom, whether you're having a new installation or you just want to upgrade your existing worktops to marble. We will make templates of your new worktops to ensure that after manufacture your new marble worktop fits exactly.

Contact us today to discuss your unique worktop and flooring requirements, we hold many types of marble in stock at our Lawford workshops and would be pleased to show you the options available to you.


We can also supply your kitchen worktops and stone floors. Call us for more details