Granite And Marble Answers

What is granite exactly?

Granite is an igneous rock that forms as a result of the slow crystallisation of molten magma. It is generally made up of minerals such as quartz, felspars and other mafic minerals. The size, distribution and varying chemistry of these minerals give the granite its colour.

What is the difference between granite and marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the compression and heating of sediment. Due to the strong nature of granite it is able to take a stronger polish than marble – hence the glassy effect. Marble is more suitable for bathrooms as it has softer looks.

How do I prevent damage to my granite work surfaces?

Avoid contact with the edges of the work surfaces to avoid chipping
Do not expose the tops to excessive heat
Do not cut directly on the work surface
Do not move the work surfaces from their original position

How should I clean granite?

Do not use any abrasive materials on granite such as scouring powders and metal brushes. Do not use bleach and other chlorine based cleaners, acids, photographic development liquid, alkalis (caustic soda) and concentrated disinfectants. Wash with clean warm water to which a non-abrasive light neutral detergent (PH7) may be added. Rinse with clean warm water and dry to avoid watermarks. Drainer grooves may be cleaned using wire wool. We stongly recommend that you use a special stone cleaner such as the ones available from Wood For Stone.

Which materials must NOT be used on granite?

Under no circumstances should the following products be brought into contact with your granite.
Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Formic acid, Phosphoric acid and Hydrochloric acid

Are there any foodstuffs that will stain granite?

Foodstuffs that have strong colours, such as blackcurrant and beetroot, can stain stone surfaces. Acidic foodstuffs such as citrus juice, vinegars and cola will etch the stone surface.

Can I use stain remover?

For stain removal use water based stain remover for organic stains such as coffee, wine, nicotine, fruit juices etc. N.B: Read & follow instructions carefully to ensure safe use, we recommend use of products available from ourselves.

Will the work surface loose its shine?

Under normal kitchen use a stone work surface may mellow with time – this is quite normal and a characteristic of such a natural product. Dull patches may develop in areas of high wear. These can be restored – please contact us for more details and to purchase products that can help preserve your surface finish.

Is granite hygienic?

Due to the densely packed crystalline structure and low porosity of granite there is no place for bacteria to hide.